Oceanex Energy


Oceanex Energy is planning the development and construction of up to 4 offshore wind farms off the coast of NSW, which will provide over 7,000 MW of large scale clean and reliable electricity that creates huge new investment, jobs and leadership opportunities for NSW, especially in key regional centres. Offshore wind farms have been developed globally for almost 30 years and can provide many benefits for NSW.

A project of up to 2,000MW with an estimated capital expenditure of $10 billion is planned off the coast of Illawarra, to be known as the Illawarra Offshore Wind Farm.

Oceanex Energy’s ownership is comprised of Andy Evans, Peter Sgardelis and an international investor with significant experience in infrastructure development and construction and leading advisory experience in renewable energy (especially offshore wind). Together, the ownership team brings local and global knowledge and experience in establishing and growing the offshore wind industry in Australia with strong financial experience and support to grow a thriving new industry for NSW.

Contact Details

Andy Evans
Chief Executive Officer
0400 018 087