As a Wesfarmers company, Coregas is the only Australian industrial gases company. We manufacture gases locally and distribute throughout Australia and New Zealand via a network of branches and third parties.

Products And Services

We manufacture and distribute compressed gases and cryogenic liquids to almost all industries, ranging from heavy industry and manufacturing, to healthcare and specialty users such as laboratories.

Coregas is changing gases around the country, seeking to raise the bar in terms of service, quality and value. We believe the best way to grow our business is to listen to our customers and deliver on our promises to them.

Although we have over 44 years’ experience in gases, the name Coregas may be unfamiliar because we changed our name on becoming part of the Wesfarmers group. Since then we have continued to expand and grow our product range, service offers and distribution network, nationally and now overseas, with a recent expansion into New Zealand.

Contact Details

Wodek Jakubik
Innovation Manager
0409 227 209
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