SCE Group

Industrial Services Industrial Supplier Materials & Recycling Mining Transport and Logistics


At SCE our purpose is simple. We’re here to help our customers get the most value from their processes and materials – to help them get more from less, and to reduce their waste and environmental impacts.

Products And Services

  • Materials & Recycling - We unlock value by transforming industrial and construction industry by-products into superior construction materials.
  • Transport & Logistics - From port to warehouse, and farm to factory, there’s nothing we can’t transport, handle and store to make your business run more efficiently.
  • Hebden Quarries - We manufacture quality natural products for civil construction and mining applications.
  • Industrial Services - We’re always looking for smart ways to reduce waste and environmental impacts, providing specialist on-site solutions across a broad range of manufacturing sectors.
  • Steel Services - We are experts in on-site services, by-product processing and recycling, total scrap management, logistics, metal recovery, refractory removal, slag processing and marketing.
  • Mining Services - We have a wealth of experience in all facets of the mining services industry from stockpile management to emplacement services.
We are resourceful and entrepreneurial, always creating opportunities, setting standards and looking for ways to break new ground. We don’t just talk the talk, we focus on delivering tangible results, doing the best job for our customers, every time. We take pride in the value we add, we won’t rest until we’ve contributed measurable change for the better. We comply with all EPA regulations, while our ISO accreditation means we’re a company you can trust.