Ringway Control and Automation

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Illawarra’s only Electronics design and manufacturing companies.

Ringway Control and Automation engineer and manufactures quality industrial, electrical and electronic equipment, primarily into the mining industry.
Ringway has specialised in PLC and proprietary control systems for conveyor and associated equipment. They have extensive experience with DC drives, CST and BOSS clutches, VVVF and Flux vector drives as well as slow fill and variable scoop couplings.

Ringway has a Two-Wire Technology product focus. Distributed systems are produced for emergency stopping, remote isolation, traffic control, alarms and analogue condition monitoring. All systems are simple, safe and reliable over very large distances using just two wires. The flagship of this range is the RINGLINEtwo wire distributed emergency stop system.
Ringway also designs and produces embedded microprocessor control systems for mobile testing stations, shredders, vehicle emission testing, pumping stations and other specialised processes. Other products include a range of electronic transducers and drivers related to process control, including temperature, motion and current monitors.

Products And Services

  • Two-Wire Technologies
  • Ringline Emergency Stop System
  • Distributed Alarm Systems
  • Distributed Traffic Control Systems
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering Services
  • Industrial Plant Engineering & Manufacture Design
  • Microprocessor Programming upgrades and overhauls
  • Engineering
  • Electronic Design and Manufacture
  • Mining
  • Manufacturer
  • Materials Handling
  • Switchboard Manufacture

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Rod Brown
General Manager
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