Peter Ellsmore and Associates (PEA)

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Established in 1991, Peter Ellsmore & Associates is an Engineering Design Service Company specializing in Mechanical, Structural, Civil and Electrical Engineering and Drafting.

We also offer ancillary services including laser scanning and virtual tours.

Enhanced by our modern office environment located in the Wollongong CBD, we conduct our business to serve our clients efficiently and effectively.

PEA began as a Mechanical Engineering Design Consultancy with a small team of draftspersons. Over the years the work diversified to cover industries such as open cut mining, quarrying, sawmilling, construction and steel making. In recent years work has involved less engineering design and more drafting. In November 2002, the company commenced a contract to provide all drafting services associated with BlueScope’s Port Kembla Plant. Since the commencement of the contract, the provision of Engineering Services has been added to the drafting content.

PEA has also been working closely with FMG on their WA Christmas Creek site, providing drafting and design support.

Products And Services

Whether it is updating existing drawings, or taking your concept from inception to final design, PEA is here to help.

We provide the correct engineer and/or draftsperson for your job, equipped with the correct technical skills and qualifications, and supported by the latest technology and software.

We are flexible in how and where we work to facilitate your best outcomes, whether that is hourly hire or fixed lump sum quotes, working from our offices or yours.

Contact Details

Ken Nakken
Senior Design Draftsperson
0403 693 378
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