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Assett Professional Services are specialists in the supply and ongoing management of copier and printer fleets, IT Infrastructure and cyber security.

We are end- to- end solution specialists, measured in approach and outcome- focused in execution.

Assett Professional Services have over 35 years of experience delivering high-quality technology solutions to business.

Assett Professional Services employ an experienced team of highly qualified and motivated individuals who strive to provide the highest level of service possible. Assett keeps abreast of new technology trends, policies and procedures. Our focus is on our clients, ensuring every effort is made to provide client service excellence. It is this blend of expertise and motivation that is the driving force behind our success.

We enable our clients to realize their full potential by helping them develop a business technology and services roadmap aligned specifically to achieve their business objectives.

Would You Finally Like Professional Managed Services, and Not Continual Technology Issues? Contact Assett Professional Services today on 1300 950 102.

Products And Services

IT Solutions

Professional IT Support That Has a Customer Focus

Managed Services

How important is it to your operations to be able to pick up the phone and speak immediately to someone that can assist you just like you had your own virtual in house IT department. Our managed services is designed to be able to provide our clients with a predicable, reliable IT operating environment in which they can work. By scheduling regular proactive systems maintenance, along with security updates and patches, anti virus, backups etc it means we’re provingthat we take serious responsibility for your IT systems and seek to give you full peace of mind.

Servers & Networking

Australian companies are being cyber attacked on a daily basis by overseas hackers that are intent on breaking into your systems to steal data or to create other mayhem. Again we have proven results in helping you to be able to identify potential local environment risks and then in helping you to address them. And while doing this we can still allow your remote workforce to perform their work totally unaffected.

Hardware & Software

We enjoy partnerships with some of the world’s leading hardware & software makers and suppliers and so we can provide you with the right IT equipment that you need in order to get the job done. From Servers to workstations, laptops or software, we can source and procure what you need at some of the cheapest local prices.

Managed Print Solutions

Solving your printing needs and managing your documents

At Assett we help our valued customers reach their full business potential by developing complete technology and services packages which align specifically with their business goals and objectives.

Assett provides the highest quality printing systems through our extensive MFD (Multi-Function Device) and printer/copier range.

Our range boasts the latest in cutting-edge technology, productivity-boosting options and industry-leading security features. We provide the highest quality printing systems supported by highly skilled staff and specialised managed print services.

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