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SEW-EURODRIVE has been “driving the world” for 80 years.

As a world leader in drive technology and a pioneer in drive-based automation, SEW-EURODRIVE has established a reputation for quickly solving the most difficult power transmission and motion control challenges.

Since introducing the gearmotor in 1931, we have been bringing the very best in drive technology to our customers. That commitment has led to a history of innovations — the first variable speed gearmotor, early development of electronic drives, some of the first successful efforts to decentralize control and the first motor with energy-efficient copper rotors.

SEW-EURODRIVE’s range of motors and drives create motion in a variety of industries from mining equipment to bottling plants, sports stadium roofs to sugar facilities, and cranes to airport baggage handling equipment. In fact, just about anywhere in the world that you see motion, SEW is likely to be in the background providing that motion.

The Australian division of SEW-EURODRIVE is headquartered with a sales & assembly plant in Melbourne and is supported by a further sales & assembly facility in New South Wales, along with sales offices in Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. Collectively, around 12,000 employees around the world are moving to solve their tasks and optimize processes. This is how SEW-EURODRIVE has evolved throughout its history to become the market leader in the industry of drive automation with a turnover of roughly EUR1.5 billion.

SEW-EURODRIVE – Driving the world

Products And Services

SEW-EURODRIVE creates the motion you need with various product solutions and drive systems. According to your requirements, SEW-EURODRIVE offers individual solutions from a combination of our product range, which includes:

  • AC gearmotors
  • Electronic frequency inverters
  • Servo drive systems
  • Decentralized drive systems, and
  • Heavy duty industrial gear units.

SEW-EURODRIVE believes in delivering more than just products. A team of talented engineers develop effective and timely solutions based on customers’ individual motion requirements. All of these solutions are then backed by a global after-sales commissioning & product support team that is second to none. We also understand that time is money, so units are delivered within a matter of weeks from our local assembly plants, rather than waiting months for items to be shipped from overseas.

A comprehensive rebuild & overhaul services for the entire product range along with a full 24-hour emergency service & replacement capability rounds out the impressive solution set.

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