Australian Industrial Energy (AIE)


Australian Industrial Energy was formed in 2017 by a world-class consortium of Australian and international companies with extensive global expertise and experience in the energy sector.

The consortium is comprised of Squadron Energy, Marubeni Corporation and JERA Co Inc. Squadron Energy is a privately owned energy company led by leading Australian industrialist Andrew Forrest Marubeni Corporation is a major Japanese trading and investment business with significant energy sector expertise and operations and interests in over 66 countries including LNG import terminals, gas pipelines and power investments JERA Co Inc is a joint venture between Tokyo Electric and Chubu Electric, which represents Japan’s largest electricity company and together they are responsible for around 77 gigawatts of thermal power, which is roughly 1.5 times the entire generating capacity of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM). JERA is also the largest buyer of LNG in the world, operates eight import terminals and its own fleet of LNG carriers.

Australian Industrial Energy (AIE) plans to develop NSW’s first liquid natural gas (LNG) import terminal at Port Kembla near Wollongong.

Once constructed, the Port Kembla Gas Terminal (PKGT) would have the capacity to supply more than 70% of NSW’s current annual gas demand, with first gas scheduled to be available in 2020.

The Project will be a new source of competitively priced gas to meet predicted supply shortfalls and help put downward pressure on gas prices.