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CammPro the newest arm of the Camm Engineering Group, specialist manufacturers of polyurethane and engineered plastic products, and offers innovation in the latest 3D print technology. The CammPro team have the skills to problem solve and create design solutions, for your 3D printed prototype.

Backed by the Camm Engineering Group and 25 years management experience, CammPro can offer you access to the latest in 3D printing technologies, providing you with highly accurate models in functional and fit for purpose engineering materials.

Designers, Engineers and Innovators now live in a world where advanced manufacturing processes such as multi-material 3D printing are essential tom compliment and enhance conventional fabrication technology. These rapidly advancing technologies allow us to drive innovation in our products, reduce cost and maintain a competitive edge. It is this fully integrated capability and our real world production knowledge that sets us apart from other  3D printing providers.

Whether you need an engineering part created to check form, fit and function, a prototype of new product before investing in final tooling, a reverse engineering scan, or reproduction of a unique item, CammPro’s team will bring your idea to reality.

Products And Services

  • Engineering and CAD design
  • 3D Printing / Scanning
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Prototypes and Patterns
  • Production Tools

It is our goal to guide you through the 3D printing process with confidence and ease. We will work with you in the design of your component and advise you on how it can be adapted to make greater use of sophisticated 3D printing technologies and obtain the highest possible print quality in the material that best suits your application.

We specialise in multi-material parts and complex production patterns and moulds. Our expertise in these areas will allow your greater design flexibility to produce components with layers resolutions as fine as 16 micron, that quickly and cost effectively get your product moving.

From an innovative concept design creatively realised by 3D printing, through to successful long run manufacturing of your product, CammPro and the Camm Engineering Group is a one stop shop for you!

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Gavin Biggs
Business Development Manager
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