Are tenders still being put out at this time? Bianca Perry speaks with Steve Vermey to find out.

In this video, Steve Vermey, Director of Scarp Vantage Consulting talks with Bianca Perry, CEO of i3net to the Bid and Tender space during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Steve is also a member of i3net.


The 5 questions covered in this video are:

• Are tenders still being put out at this time?

• How is the best way to find out about them?

• What should businesses do now?

• How should businesses prepare for 3-6 months’ time?

• Where can businesses go for support to make their tender responses more successful?

Its an easy and practical 11 min watch.

(And do excuse the talkative crow outside Bianca’s window around the 8 min mark 🙂 )


To find out more: Steve Vermey Director at Scarp Vantage Consulting M: 0411797699


Bianca Perry CEO, i3net 0401 030 023


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