“To Inspire Illawarra Industry Growth & Sustainability”


Through the power of the network, create an environment in which members are supported in fulfilling their business objectives. The network focuses on the following six key objectives.

  1. To maintain and grow the membership base of the network to optimise its effectiveness as a network and its business development opportunities.
  2. To provide forums and events to enable networking between organisations and to act as a channel of communication between the network and external organisations.
  3. To increase member company business capability and confidence through increased access to knowledge, contacts, skills and resources.
  4. To proactively market and promote member firms and the collective capability of the Illawarra region’s engineering and manufacturing industry to business markets and the wider community.
  5. To act as a focal point to support the active pursuit of new business opportunities both locally, outside the region and internationally to extend the customer base.
  6. Fulfill social responsibility by actively engaging in Illawarra community projects.



To achieve the purpose and mission, the network annually reviews its Strategic Plan and develops appropriate Objectives/Priorities.

A summary of the 2016 – 2017 Strategic Plan can be found by clicking here.