Pitch training: Learn how to create an effective pitch.

**Exclusive i3net Members and Partners only**

Pitch training: Learn how to create an effective pitch.

A pitch is a short verbal introduction that explains what you/your organisation does and how it can benefit your audience.

Pitches are not just for people who work in sales. You can use a pitch anywhere you want to convey your own/your organisation’s value in a short time frame, such as a networking event, when talking to customers, or to get buy-in from your colleagues.  You can also use the basic structure to strengthen your organisations’ written communications too.

Not many people like “selling”…. so attend this course to learn how to create an engaging pitch that actually makes an impact, and no one feels uncomfortable or sold to in the process.

Your facilitators

i3net Members, Leadership Creativity will be leading this session.

Experienced coaches, Anna Saunders & Craig Morris from Leadership Creativity will share their proven strategies for developing pitches that make a great first impression.

This session is being run at the perfect time, ahead of the Illawarra Industry Showcase. At the Showcase, you will have the opportunity to pitch your business in various situations, such as over a drink, over dinner, during a short presentation and also after the event when following up.  Make the most of this opportunity by creating an effective pitch ahead of the event!

26th September 2019
1.00 – 4.00pm

**Exclusive i3net Members and Partners only event**
Only $50.00+GST

This session has been heavily subsidised thanks to Leadership Creativity kindly donating their time to run this session.

Innovation Campus.
Building 233, Room 116.

Paid parking on campus.

Alternatively, the ‘free-bus’ has a bus-stop at the front of the innovation campus. You could also park on Montague Street in North Wollongong and walk across the footbridge.


Get ready to craft a pitch that opens a clear path between you and your clients, one that grabs their attention, clearly shows who you are and what you do and creates curiosity around your brand.


Thank you to Leadership Creativity for facilitating this session.

For further information please contact Executive Officer, Bianca Perry on 0401 030 023 or email i3net@i3net.com.au