Our submission to WCC

Wollongong City Council has recently reviewed their Sustainable Procurement Policy in an effort to explore options to increase Council’s procurement from local businesses via recalibrating scoring systems in Council’s tendering assessment process.

The updated policy proposes an increase of the “Strengthening of Local Economic Capacity” mandatory scoring criterion for all tender processes be increased from 5% to 10%.

The community and potential suppliers are invited to provide comments and feedback on the draft policy by 31st May 2020.

You can find out more here: https://our.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/draft-sustainable-procurement-policy

And you can read i3net’s submission here:

Dear WCC,

 I am writing this submission on behalf of i3net. As you know, i3net is a powerful network of industry-based companies working from the Illawarra. The network was established over 18 years ago to promote the collective capability of Illawarra Industry to local, national and international markets.  Industry in the Illawarra continues to be a key foundation of the local economy. Wollongong City Council is a foundation Corporate Partner and a strong supporter of the i3net.


Thank you for your timely review of WCC’s “Sustainable Procurement Policy.” With local businesses certainly feeling the impact of Covid-19, the proposed change and your commitment to shortened payment terms will make a real difference to our community.


Our submission relates to point 4.6 in the policy. i3net would like to propose that the 10% weighting is increased to 25%. This change would be a significant signal to the community that Wollongong City Council is commited to local business. After careful consideration, we believe this specific weighting would benefit rate payers by ensuring the continuation of local businesses, and allow for competitive rates to ensure ROI value remains for the Wollongong community.  Of course, we appreciate that Council’s other tender assessment criteria may also need careful adjustment to accommodate the local content to ensure a balanced and fair tendering process is maintained. We trust Wollongong City Council will model the 25% increase on past tender decisions to see the benefits this would bring to the Illawarra.


Thank you again for the opportunity to comment.


Should you require any further information please contact Bianca Perry, Chief Executive Officer, i3net, on M: 0401 030 023  &  E: i3net@i3net.com.au