Member: Enterprise Improvement Solution (EnterpriseIS)

Contact: Craig Hurkett

Position: Managing Director

Phone: 02 4271 7774


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About Us

EnterpriseIS is a National Business Sustainability firm, that deliver a suite of improvement and sustainability solutions individually tailored to suit the needs of any business. We specialise in Strategic and Business Planning, Data and Information Management, Asset Management and Continuous Improvement.

Our Mission.

To generate constant growth in value to any business and their stakeholders, through the transfer of knowledge during engagement, facilitation of improvement techniques and the application of continual improvement processes and tools.

Strategic & Business Planning.

We work with organisations to understand the current state and future requirements, and guide them in developing a roadmap to help achieve the desired outcome. We also help establish the necessary systems and structures to enable the success of the journey to be measured. We not only look at the technical aspects of the journey, but also consider the organisations values, culture, processes and people. Our people have been involved in developing strategic and business plans in some of the worlds largest organisations and can assist any business in the process.


Products & Services

Data and Information Management

Most organisations have a lot of data and information stored in various systems, but find it difficult to make sense of it, or take clear concise action in response to it. Our ability to build the necessary processes and systems to transform the data and information into meaningful knowledge is key to measuring success. Our skills in structuring and managing data and information have been challenged with the toughest of scenarios.

Asset Management

Managing assets can be challenging, but with our experience in Asset Management from the ‘coal face’, through to senior management, we can help guide and support business to get the most out of their organisation, plant and equipment. All of our professionals have either worked on or with plant and equipment, or managed maintenance and production teams. So helping with those challenges, are some of our most favoured projects!

Continuous Improvement

Our specialised business sustainability team has extensive practical expertise in assisting organisations to develop, implement and sustain continuous improvements. We tailor support to suit your requirements, from specialist resources to run a project, through to assisting in the development of Continuous Improvement strategies and or programs. Our no nonsense, pragmatic approach, enables our team to work with all levels in your organisation, ensuring minimal disruption to the business!

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