Member: Chromax Hard Chrome

Contact: Brendon Cohen

Position: Managing Director

Phone: 042740306


About Us

Chromax Hard Chrome is one of Australia’s largest electroplating businesses servicing the Steel, Petrochemical, Shipping & Mining industries.

Chromax endeavours to be a ONE STOP SHOP for surface engineering and operate facilities for:

  • Electroplating
  • Anti Corrosion Coating
  • Surface Machining
  • Industrial Maintenance

Electroplating capabilities include:

  • Hard Chrome
  • Industrial Nickel
  • Industrial Nickel Alloy
  • Industrial Copper

Chromax developed world first capability to electroplate hard chrome to the surface of slab caster mould plates without the need to disassemble them from the housing. This has been extended to Nickel Alloy plating to a 3mm thickness followed with a final coating of Hard Chrome to 0.1mm thickness.


Products & Services

Anti Corrosion Coating using thermal metal spraying is an effective method of managing corrosion on complex surfaces such as fan components and motor housings.

Chromax undertakes Thermal spray (metallising)

  • Arc Metallising
  • Gas Metallising
  • Ceramic Spraying
  • Hard Facing

For the purposes of repair or enhancement on metal surfaces before precision machining returns the component to specification.

Machining is undertaken on in house lathes, borers and cylindrical grinders.

Chromax maintains a philosophy of being a partner to industry through Technology, Quality, Service & Cost. To remain a leader in this field Chromax are members of several technical associations & societies, and maintain relationships with technology companies in the US & Japan.

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