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Contact: John Koenig

Position: General Manager

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About Us

C & C Industries specialise in the Design and Manufacture of Koenigs Visual Isolators, manufacture repair and refurbishment of electrical switch gear, manufacture of GrafLube self lubricating bearings and wear slides, CNC machining and Water Jet Profile cutting.

Our main customer base is the heavy industrial and mining sectors, supplying to a large number of customers throughout Australia.

With the use of CNC machining technology and waterjet profile cutting capabilities, our team of highly skilled engineers and tradesmen ensure products are manufactured to the highest quality and tolerance.

With over 100 years of combined expertise in this field, C & C Industries prides itself on quality of workmanship and ability to deliver on time.

If your application is ‘out of the ordinary’, then we can custom design a solution to conform to your requirements.

Products & Services

Industrial Visual Isolators

  • All Koenigs Visual Load Break Isolator Series incorporate the following features :
  • 63A to 1600A Legrand® VistopTM or DPXTM load break switches.
  • Quality Australian made B&R Enclosures
  • Multi pole configuration ( 3 to 9 poles ) with up to 2 Auxiliary contacts per switch.
  • 316 Grade Stainless Steel and Bronze pad-lockable handle construction.
  • IP66 protection rating.
  • Gland plate material options include Standard ( as per enclosure ), Brass or Aluminium.
  • Easy to see colour coded main switch contacts.
  • Large viewing window with optional incorporated internal 24VDC LED lighting.
  • Mechanically interlocked door to switch mechanism prevents door opening with switch ON and prevents operating the switch with door OPEN.

Koenigs Industrial Spares

GrafLube Products

Machining & Water Cutting Services

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