Member: Brian Hastings Finance & Management

Contact: Chris Hull

Phone: 0415638546


About Us

Brian Hastings Finance & Management is a mortgage broking and equipment finance business. Property, vehicle, industrial, construction and medical finance.

Since 1995, Brian Hastings has built a substantial client base in Australia and overseas through an uncompromising commitment to quality, service delivery and the most appropriate product selection. Brian and his team have wide experience in the finance industry so they can cut through the complexities of different fees, charges and interest rates to ensure clients get the most suitable loan at the lowest possible cost. We treat every client as an individual and evaluate their individual needs and circumstances to find the most appropriate loan.



  • Top Gun (Mortgage Wisdom Group) 2004
  • Top Gun (Mortgage Wisdom Group) 2005
  • Top Gun (Mortgage Wisdom Group) 2007
  • Top Gun (Mortgage Wisdom Group) 2008
  • Brokerage of the year (MW Group ) 2008
  • Finalist Business Operator of the Year (Astute Finance)2012
  • Finalist Commercial Broker of the Year (Astute Finance) 2013
  • Finalist Business Leadership Award (Astute Finance) 2013
  • Finalist Business Operator of the Year (Astute Finance) 2015
  • Finalist Business Leadership Award (Astute Finance) 2015
  • Finalist Business leadership Award (Astute Finance) 2016
  • Finalist Business Operator of the Year (Astute Finance) 2016.

Products & Services

Equipment finance 

  • Yellow Goods
  • Heavy Industrial Machinery
  • Office Equipment
  • Medical supplies
  • IT Equipment
  • Beauty Industry/Laser Machines

Commercial Property Finance

  • Construction Finance
  • Property Development Finance
  • Business Finance.
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