Member: Action Coach Wollongong

Contact: Adam Barnard

Position: Director

Phone: 0428732005


About Us

What can business coaching do for you?

Just like an athlete or sporting team needs a coach to reach their full potential, if you are a business owner who wants to be successful then you need a business coach too.

Think of the 3 biggest challenges that are holding you back in your business right now…

If you had someone in your corner digging into that for you, strategising with you, focussing you and then holding you accountable so that you successfully overcame those 3 big hurdles.

What would your business look like in 12 month time?

By working with us you will reach your goals faster and with less risk of failing than struggling through business yourself playing the expensive ‘trial and error’ game.


How Action Coach Is Helping Businesses Achieve Success

  • Our 1 on 1 Business Coaching program helped GS constructions go from $4M to $10M in less than 12months;
  • Goldkey Constructions built a 100 new houses in the first 18 months with our business coaching strategies;
  • Emco Carpentry increased their net profit by 233% in less than 12 months;
  • We coach business through numbers. We customise strategies to what you need and develop a clear, accountable process of continuous growth to get you the results you deserve;
  • Most importantly… We guarantee your results or your money back.

Products & Services

1 On 1 Coaching = Faster Results

Don’t fall for the ‘go at your own pace’ online training programs that give you the one size fits all business tips. The way to get you the fastest results is to work 1 on 1 with our professionals specifically and directly on the issues that are holding you back right now.

We Guarantee Your Results

We will help you increase your profits by more than our coaching fees within the first 17 weeks of working together or we will give your money back.

We back our strategies and guarantee your results.

What our clients say

“I now have time to focus on my business and work ON it rather than IN it.
The systems, improved sales, and improved conversion rates have allowed me to really grow the business and free up my time.”

— Jason Till – Stroud Homes


“We didn’t just talk about growth. We planned, and then completely executed on the strategies discussed. I would strongly recommend Adam and his team if you are looking to take your business to the next level.””

— Mark King – Director King Homes


“We went from $400,000 turnover to maxing out our $15,000,000 insurance within 18 months of coaching with Adam and ActionCOACH Wollongong.”

— Tim Trickey – Gold Key Constructions
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