Kepco Bylong Coal Project

Bill Vatovec, Chief Operating Officer, KEPCO Bylong Coal provided an update to i3net members, partners and stakeholders on Friday 11 March into the new Kepco Bylong Coal Mine being built on a 10,317 ha. site within the Bylong Valley in NSW.

Bylong was chosen because of its benign geological conditions and immediate access to rail, Bill said.

KEPCO, or the Korean Electric Power Corporation, are planning on constructing 2 open cut mines, that will provide an initial cash flow injection, and one underground mine that will produce 91mt of ROM Coal over its 20 year life.

The construction process that is expected to take 2 years will include a coal handling & processing facility, a rail loop & load out facility, temporary workforce accommodation, access roads and communications & electrical infrastructure.

KEPCO have a local content and Indigenous participation plan and to register your interest in becoming a supplier to the project follow this link to the ICN Gateway.

A copy of Bill’s presentation can be found here.