Postponed. i3net Industry Breakfast. South32 + Licella.

Join us on Friday 27th March 2020.

i3net Industry Breakfast.

Hear from:

1. Jason Economidis, Vice President Operations, South32 Illawarra Coal

2. Graham Knowles, Chief Operations Officer at iQ Renew


Attend this breakfast to benefit from excellent networking opportunities, great presentations and a delicious hot breakfast.

WHEN: Friday 27th March. 7:30am for an 8am start.

WHERE: The Grange Golf Club, Kembla Grange Place. Kembla Grange, NSW.

COST: Only $55.00+GST for i3net members and corporate partners.

$110.00 + GST for new guests.

NOTE: Seats are limited, so register today to avoid missing out.

Your program:

1. Hear from Jason Economidis, Vice President Operations, South32 Illawarra Coal. Jason is an experienced mining operator, having worked in the sector for more than 25 years.

Jason will be sharing what’s coming up in the next 12 months for South32 Illawarra Coal, the opportunities for local Illawarra industry to work with South32 Illawarra Coal, and the best way they can go about doing this.



Talk from Graham Knowles of iQ Renew: ‘Pioneering Australian plastic and glass recycling solutions for a circular economy’

iQ Renew is an Australian recycler pioneering a circular economy for plastic and glass. As overseas markets shut down and Australia searches for local solutions to the 2.2 million tonnes of plastic waste sent to landfill each year, combining physical and chemical recycling, iQ Renew can recover almost all plastic. iQ Renew, alongside its technology partner Licella, are building Cat-HTR™ chemical recycling plants for end-of-life plastic in Australia. The unique Cat-HTR™ technology recycles previously non-recyclable plastic back to the oil and chemicals it came from, which can be used to make new plastics, fuels, waxes and bitumen. Combined with physical recycling, the Cat-HTR™ technology is helping to build a circular economy for plastic, reduce demand for fossil oil and prevent plastic being sent to landfill and the natural environment. The iQ Renew Virtual Quarry is Australia’s largest facility for crushed and washed glass sand, a recycled alternative to natural sand in construction, roads and drainage.


3. i3net members and partners can also register to take part in the “Science of Selection” masterclass.

In this masterclass, you will discover the most recent research and learn the practical ways to improve your recruitment outcomes and sidestep common HR pitfalls. Get ready to fine craft your selection process so that you don’t waste valuable time hiring someone who doesn’t work out, leaves in the first week or simply doesn’t play ball.

**Exclusive i3net Members and Partners only event**
Only $50.00+GST

This session has been heavily subsidised thanks to 360HR kindly donating their time & expertise to run this session.

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Seats are limited. Please register today to avoid missing out.

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