IT considerations during Covid 19. Assett’s Joshua Reiners and i3net’s Bianca Perry.

In this video Josh and Bianca discuss:

-With more people working from home, is there an increased cybersecurity risk to businesses?

-How can people find out if they are at risk and what can people do to minimise their risk?

-What are the main challenges businesses are facing moving to a 100% remote workforce?

-How can businesses be prepared for similar situations in future?

-What do you see the long-term effects of COVID-19 on the workforce?

-If you are unhappy with current IT or would like a second opinion, what can Assett provide?

-Managed IT & Cyber Security Services, Managed Print Services, Network Assessments and Planning and Budgeting.


To find out more: Joshua Reiners Business Development Manager, Assett. 1300 950 102


Bianca Perry CEO, i3net 0401 030 023


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