3D Printed Engine

A working motor with all moving parts made using a 3D printer is showing the world how advanced manufacturing is being fast tracked in the Illawarra with the adoption and development of new technology.

The 3D printed motor on display at an industry showcase in Wollongong last week was powered electrically and is designed to show what is becoming possible.  CammPro business development manager Zahra Shahbazian is happy for anyone to visit and inspect the 3D printed motor. She said CammPro “introduced advanced manufacturing into our Wollongong production line five years ago”.

It did that when it recognised the market was changing and it could improve customer outcomes by investing in new technology.

“In turns out we were correct and we have been responding to the increasing number of our customers. We have invested $0.25 million dollars in state-of-the-art 3D printing. We are not trying to replace conventional manufacturing. We are adding to it,” she said.

“The benefit comes from how fast you can respond to the market change and how you can significantly improve your current production line.”

For more information on CammPro visit; www.cammpro.com.au

(Story thanks to Greg Ellis – Illawarra Mercury)